Welcome to Ocliya

We are a Malawian start-up health social enterprise that uses technology to improve the
patient-therapist experience.

What makes us special

We are made up of enthusiastic Malawian youth who are passionate about health and technology, in the combination of these to achieve convenient, personalized and better healthcare.

Our services

We provide multidisciplinary Physiotherapy & Health services that extend into people's homes with Convenience, Innovation and affordability.


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Our Services

We Provide Multidisciplinary Physiotherapy & Health Services That Extend Into People's Homes With Convinience, Innovation, Affordability And The Highest Standards Of Care To Help Patients Recover And Restore Their Optimal Quality Of Healthy Life.

Online Doctor

We are committed to utilize Digital tools to communicate & assist you. Talk to a Doctor now!

Back Pain Treatment

We believe that we have the best physiotherapists well suited to help you come back to your normal self wherever you are;


Did you just had a long day? We offer massage at reasonable prices from K3,500 to K8,000.

Stroke Recovery

Let us work hand in hand with your Doctor as your professional therapist right at your home!

Cerebral Palsy Therapy

We help children with cerebral palsy by providing a platform for monitoring as well as linking them to rehabilitation therapists who provide therapeutic home programs

Health Forum

We are committed to helping the community get affordable personalized medical and therapeutic treatment.

  • Online Doctor
  • Back Pain Treatment
  • Massage
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Cerebral Palsy Therapy
  • Health Forum

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